About me

My name is Tanya Roy. I am an ex corporate vagabond who has been a jack of all trades and master of some, I decided to be a propagator of ecotourism post spending 6 years in mainstream corporate and 1 year in the environment conservation development space. I have traveled solo and far end of the Indian Himalayas, off beat, endurance adventures and local experiences turns me on. I write to inspire and I take people on Eco tours and treks in the Himalayan Region, I also run a sustainable adventure tourism social enterprise -Ecotraveler. I am planning various eco-drives in the Himalayas where I wish to bring a responsible tourism culture along with strengthening of local communities through introducing alternate green technology and creating work for them through ecotourism. I am also trying to develop Ecotourism as a CSR component for corporations and PSUs. Please get in touch !