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January 2017

Soul Search

In Between Real Dreams and Inconvenient Truths

January 23, 2017
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“It takes immense bravery. You have to be willing to be ripped to pieces for the sake if the inherent freedom of self expression. The secret is, its always worth it. It is worth the scraps and bruises to the ego to set your soul free”


Here is a story, a story of a girl. She was born blessed with angels guarding her all the time, may be she knew that and may be that was the source of a her courage. Everything she touched changed into Gold. She was blessed to be born with a mind and body that could communicate well with each other, that was the the true source of her worldly achievements, she was a player. Not just that, she was a fighter too! she didn’t care of her wounds and may be denying her wounds came her power (Ref – Wild). Illnesses and injuries didn’t stop her from playing or from putting up a tough competition.

As she grew older, she started to fade off, the reasons were many. She started feeling the world further and further, she went from place to place not out of choice, often she started feeling she wasn’t accepted, not sure off why. She wasn’t physically strong any further because she suffered asthma, but her mind didn’t know how to give up. Since everything she touched turned into Gold, she didn’t know what was it that saw her like may be she is Gold. She kept fighting, she kept playing the game called life, in search of something which at that time even she wasn’t sure of.


Turning at adult at 18 and there on, she kept moving from place to place, she only found her self ┬áill-fitting everywhere she went. She was a believer, she believed in soul mates, she believed in eternal friendships, but found neither, rather all she found was being ridiculed, judged and heartbreaks one after another. She was losing herself, even she wasn’t aware of it, she kept trying to please the world still trying to put up a fight and being a player, but she felt like it wasn’t her battlefield, she tried and she tried, switching professions one after another, she never felt like it was her, or it was were she belonged. There was one place that she felt she belonged, and that was the mountains.

Completely losing herself to the world, forgetting what she was made of, wounded and heart broken, she began to grieve and to grieve she would run, run for her life to this one place where she felt safe and at peace, the mountains. She grieved to the mountains for years together and every time she felt like the mountains were trying to tell her something, there was a secret. That became a pull, it was almost like the mountains fell in love with her and couldn’t live without her, they would conspire to call her back to tell her a story that she could listen to all the time, and when back in the real world, she felt like her soul was still there, only her body was back.


From there on she started unlocking the secrets one after another, she still didn’t give up trusting and loving, but this time she knew who she was, she was a wild soul, she couldn’t be tamed, even by herself, so even when she tried to tame herself to the proceedings of the world, she failed, miserably. She finally started getting back in touch with herself, whom she had lost years back, she finally realized who she was and accepted and loved herself for being the way she was and once she came through her pain and healed herself, she knew, she knew exactly were she wanted to go.

Today the sufferings of the world pain her, a wise soul once told her she could be an Earth Angel. Her only pain now is when she sees people far away from their own realities but she also believes this journey can only be taken by oneself, some healing souls can help you show light, but one needs to follow the light themselves. Her only goal in life is not to play, not to fight any longer, but to inspire, to heal the world from suffering and to make people believe in love, not the love between two partners, but a love beyond that, a love that you feel that makes the universe revolve and that love is enough to survive, happily, over money, over success, over greed and over destruction. She wants to live a real life, a life in the mountains, away from everything of neo-consumer nature and inspire the people of the world to learn to live in harmony and not greed, with the nature.

This is a summary of a book which is hopefully on its way soon!

PS: 2016 was the year, that brought me back to me, and brought me here.