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May 2016

Soul Search

Awaken your spirit and find yourself – Dear Girls, Start Traveling Solo

May 9, 2016

“The real you is not a puppet, which life pushes around. You are something the whole universe is doing. The same way a wave is something the whole ocean is doing”

IMG_2558“ Darling, your world will be forever full of hollow heroes until you learn to sort it yourself”


At the very outset, I will be very frank, many might find this write up feminist to the core, and also this is not for any debate, this is what I have learnt and seen, and survived through, and I can strongly advise.

I’d like to give credit to very renowned blogger – Sanjukta Basu, for putting across feminism and why the term exists so beautifully, deeply and accurately. She opened my eyes to many things that I never thought of.

Why am I beginning this with feminism, because the term is considered a not so positive term, its considered like an opposition political party or something. There are men who truly believe in empowering women, and there are women who think calling yourself a feminist is degrading your personality. Women, this is to you and for you, wake up.

By asking you to wake up, I am not asking you to fight all the men and patriarchy in your life, frankly that requires a whole lot of courage. I am just asking you to find yourself, find out who you are, before you became someone’s daughter, someone’s sister or someone’s mother. It is not a sin to focus on yourself.

We live in a society where a free women is questioned, judged, gossiped about and you know why? Because many cannot handle it when women live a life of their choice, because a woman is supposed be a certain way, she is supposed to do responsibilities to the best of her ability it whatever role she is playing, and trust you me, and she is not allowed to fault or fail! And when she does fault or fail she becomes wrong, because she could not deliver. How many times are men under such pressure? There was a time when men needed to be more career conscious, but those days are gone. We are brought up in a society where boys are allowed and girls need permission, even to breathe. It’s really not about men or women here, it’s the construct of the society and the construct of the society is not breaking because a lot of women are still sleeping, they are not awake. Even if they are awake, they choose to give up without realizing that life is anyway a fight being born as a women, it depends on the battle you wish to choose for yourself. Let’s face it, you have to face patriarchy wherever you go, in different forms from different people but you do, why deny that?

We live in fear, constantly, because we are the weaker sex physically and sexually. We need to stop thinking that way. We are weak as long as we think we are weak, we hold immense capacity to handle pain, physically and emotionally and that’s why mentally we are the stronger sex, we have the capability to think and act at a multi-dimensional level, and our minds if opened can create wonder and bring eternal peace. We hold the power to love and to heal and create beautiful energies.

To untapp that we need to find what feeds our soul, yes passions, we all have our set passions that some of us manage time to indulge into it, however with feeding our passions we also need to learn to let go of fear, this comes from solo traveling. I urge each one of you reading this to travel solo to anywhere you feel like, any destination that you have been wanting to go to. Traveling solo gives you a bunch of experiences and trust me it’s not all rosy, you do come across all sorts of people, and you need to face them all fearlessly and keep your eyes on the beauty and not the rough roads.

You have one life, live it by your soul and by your rules and you will only spread good vibes and positive energy around you and by that you will only create more good energy for yourself. That is ow happiness multiplies, first keep yourself happy, not through material belongings but through going to places, knowing different people and cultures, stretching your own limits and horizons, getting out of your comfort zone. Travel, travel and travel to places.

Your death is not in your hands, you have to choose happiness every day till you’re alive, count your blessings and trust and value yourself. All this comes through solo travel.



Here are few tips to travel solo for beginners:

  • Let go of the fear, don’t think you will be molested just because you are alone, there are good people out there, but be aware of your surroundings and be alert.
  • Build your self-confidence, tell yourself you are a whole and you can tackle any situation that you will come across
  • Meet other solo travelers and travel with them to ensure you don’t stretch your budget, and also make new friends along way
  • Research well on where you are heading, from the internet, read blogs and talk to travelers who have traveled to these places
  • Stay connected and stay safe
  • Don’t stress and enjoy your trip, learn to say no, you need to be sweet to everyone unless you are comfortable


So what are you waiting for? Need suggestions on where you should travel according to your taste…feel free to write to be and I’ll be happy to share my energy with you 🙂