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March 2016

Soul Search

I am Free! not “Free”

March 9, 2016

“But all the magic I have ever know, has been created by me”


Pic: My friend Gunjan, the world lost, a fierce free spirited woman who fought for love, lost her life, and is finally free.


Women, a truly beautiful creation by almighty! Women spread love and peace. One cannot even imagine the amount of pain that women take and yet stand up, most men are surely to have a break down if they ever come to dealing with the amount that a regular woman deals with. Men in history have only created violence, war and massacre. For all these years and years to come patriarchy will continue to prevail for one very simple reason, because of the biological and emotional construct of a woman. Patriarchy has turned a woman’s strength into her weakness, and that is her ability to reproduce and to endure enormous amount of physical and mental pain.

Free Women:

Who is a free woman? A woman who refuses to follow what is, a woman with a purpose, with a mind and heart of her own. A woman who has the courage to stand up for what she believes in even if the world stands against her. A woman who believes in good, doing good and spreading love and energy. She is free in her soul, she sees everyone as equal, she has the capability to look beyond gender and physical appearance of a person and identify the soul. She has the ability to look beyond society, materialism and judgement.

But what happens to free woman in this world? Some just quit and decide to carry on with a domesticated life weather or not they wanted it, but they still convince themselves that yes this is how it is supposed to be because this is how the society decided a woman should lead her life, dedicating it to her family, spouse and her children, yes and that is the definition of an ideal woman, the one who forgets about her existence, kills all her desires and puts herself to the service of others for the rest of her life. How much she receives in return, is something truly questionable.

Life is harder for the strong headed one’s, the free woman who can let go of anything but their freedom. Freedom of living the life they choose and they make and are constantly at every stage in their lives are charged guilty for it. Since their horizons are stretched through their upbringing, education, discovering their talent and of course through traveling, it is impossible for them to go back into the box the society expects them to. Even if they believe they can create the life that they dream of, the world ensures that she is beaten and broken until she dies or she goes into exile. This patriarchal and sexists world cannot handle free woman. They are a threat to masculinity, because these free women are probably more masculine then men itself. And please note, they are free! not “free”. They believe in love more than anything else, they do not believe in small talk, and cannot deal with disrespect of any form and they are open, it doesn’t mean they are easy. Know why? because they have been fighting as long as their thought can go back, and they have made their own life with their own hands, no man has gifted it to them ever on a platter, and no man or no woman holds the right to judge her or demean her. She is fearless, which is both a blessing and curse.

Why is it that I am writing this? Because I truly feel that women have a sort of a power that even they fail to identify. They live in dark and in under confidence. They do not realize that they are the one’s who hold the fort, they are the one’s who run the show.

What can you do if you are a woman?

If you are a woman reading this piece, the one and only thing that you can do to be loyal to your gender is never judge, disrespect or pull down another woman. Entering into a new era where more and more women are rising up against all odds, its time you help a few more. If you are not one and couldn’t be one, help someone fulfill their dreams, you might just find your calling along way.

And, redefine your comfort zone. You might think the life that you are living is an ideal life and you know it all too well. Its not that you know it all too well, its what has been told to you for years. We all have a beautiful gift from nature called the mind, and the mind is meant to think and to create, not to follow what is and definitely not to destroy.

Your soul has a purpose on this planet, find out what that purpose is, let curiosity lead the course of your life and let your mind be free, free from oppression, free from fear, free from people who don’t know how to treat you right.

Happy Woman’s World 🙂