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Solo Journeys

Mystery of the Green Eyes – Malana (Parvati Valley)

February 7, 2016

“Embrace the Glorious Mess that you are”

IMG_5734 - Copy.JPG

Me after spending a night at Malana and going back


The first time I touched Parvati Valley was in 2011, the second time I made it to the Forbidden Village – Malana. It was September, 2012, I was in a hospitality sales job, fried in the head as all of us feel of our jobs, I was 25 something and was also under going what we will call as a major turmoil of our lives – a breakup. Whenever, you are in the most uncomfortable space, tired of both your personal and professional life, nothing really seems to interest you, what do you do? You want to run, far away to a beach, chill and sip on a beer, and for a bit forget what your daily life is like, take a break, take it easy. Well in my case it was always mountains. Without much planning I took off to my favorite place, Manali.



Vashisht; Manali


To my good luck or bad luck, I see a poster or a moonlight party happening in Kasol the moment I reach Manali. “What???, a moon light party??? this is something I always wanted to experience, since I had heard so much”, I thought. Hence, there I was – Kasol. I had heard almost every youth over hyping about these cool hippie parties and wondered like how this would be. However, as I should have known, the party wasn’t cool. I went there, checked it out and just walked out. I didn’t feel like being there, something wasn’t right, I was there for peace, not loud noises and people going crazy. In utter disappointment I walked from Chonch to Kasol with two more days and I had no clue what to do.



Streets of Kasol


As I was talking to people and thinking what is it that I could to, I see a poster on the glass door of a CD shop in Kasol, a movie called Bom, The Forbidden village – Malana, and I knew where I had to go. No local buses go there directly, so I had to book a taxi the next morning, I didn’t even have a backpack during those days, I was a jhola traveler, I also had no idea I had to walk, no climb. After a drive of about, 2 hours from Kasol, I reached to the starting point of the trek, and my jaw dropped right there, Malana was on the mountain on the opposite side, which meant I had to go down and then climb further up. and with a history of bad health and no physical activity for the longest time, first, Asthma as a child, then a deformed back, I had no idea what I was in for.



Malana Village from the bottom of the climb



On the way up to Malana


I actually exchanged my bag with the driver since I didn’t have a shoulder bag and started walking upwards, it was so so hard, I was walking for 5 minutes then resting for 10 minutes while I watched the locals hopped skipped and jumped, I had a Redbull with me which literally saved my life. The breathtaking views kept me busy and motivated nonetheless. As I go further, a local started walking with me and as I finally made it, he started guiding me through the village and helped me find a place to stay.

It still had not sunk in that I actually did something that I never thought I could, but I did. I was feeling like I had climbed Mount Everest, we under estimate ourselves so much, because rarely do we find givers, people who push you forward to cross your limits, in that case you have to be your own hero. A sudden gush of energy started flowing through my mind and body and I started feeling like I was floating, like all my problems just got over, at least for then.



Malana: The Forbidden Village


The Forbidden Temple


Malana is known as the Hash destination of this world, and believe it or not, Malana is sold for a premium in Amsterdam. Malana is also an anarchy because of its history of curing Emperor Akbar while he was very ill, since then Akbar made it a tax free state, also it is believed that a troupe of Alexanders Army decided to stay there, hence all locals are believed to be direct descendants  of Alexander and trust me you will see that in the green eyes of the locals there. Malana is also a forbidden village for anyone who is not from Malana, however has opened to tourism over the last couple of years. The temple located in the middle of the village is still alien to all outsiders with a fine imposed.


Home of the Panchayat Head; Malana


Sign for a fine 🙂


An adventure of a life time, mystic, surreal and peaceful, Malana was the flag off for me to fall in love with climbing the mountains.



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