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Soul Search

A Tribe that Vibes; Creating a Culture

January 16, 2016

“You are Never Prepared for What you Expect, Because Life is Not a Rule Book”


The year that has gone by, has left me speechless and spaced out, I am finally starting to question my own reality. With each passing chapter and journey, with the ups and downs that come, we completely forget to do this one thing, and that is to live!

All our lives we keep searching – for happiness, for comfort, for security, for love and for money. As we keep running after one thing, then the other thing, we forget to realize that we are just constantly running after so many things in different directions, with so much inside us that we want to share, we want to release. But what is it that we end up doing? we just let it be. We get back to routine, gulping what life gives us, like we have no choice. We condition ourselves to circumstances created by us.

We just end up depressed and unhappy with our lives, why? Because we don’t have enough money to buy the car we want, or people close to us do not live up to our exceptions, or we don’t find a job of our liking, or we are not doing good enough like our peers.

In this entire scenario, we forget the essence of life itself. Most of us, infact majority of us, I truly feel, give out the world their saddest self, why do people do that when they are worth much more. Because we are conditioned to be selfish, we are conditioned by a certain way of life that we hear, see and think is should be.

As Buddhism preaches, if you do not share your knowledge and experience to the world, it is just a waste. I wish to share my knowledge whatever little I have learnt about finding balance and peace.

Experience is the best teacher, and travel is the best experience!

You are your childhood memories, you are the books you read, the music you listen to, the sport you play, the songs that you dance to, the food that you cook, the paintings that you make, the plants that you grow, the animals that you love. You are not the mark sheet and degrees that you own, the designation you are at, the money you hold in your account, you are not the life that you flaunt but the life that you live!

So come travel with me 🙂 and help me create “The Energy Culture”

PS: Watch this space, details shall soon follow.



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