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November 2015

Solo Journeys

Lost Trails are Beautiful; My Solo Journey Into the Highlands of Spiti

November 26, 2015

As humans no matter how adventurous we get in our own definitions of adventure, we still crave for security, security in relationships, financial security and all sorts of luxurious securities. We end up getting caught in this whirlpool of securities one after another and then on every little thing we get insecure, things that don’t really matter, we get insecure looking at other people’s lives, their success, get happy on their failures, do we question ourselves and our morals ever!?

I lost my friend, she died at 27, I heard many famous singers and rockstars died at 27 calling it The Club 27, she is a rockstar no doubts on that, we had a series of make ups and break ups, and agreements and disagreements, hating each other and loving each other that we couldn’t live without each other, but one thing was sure, we ‘are’ soul mates, not sure if you might want to call it ‘best friends’ but it was truly beyond that. Three days after her birthday, 20th July 2015, she decided to fall of the top floor of a building never to return. It was the first time in my life I was experiencing losing a soul mate. We were talking about taking a trek Kareri lake that afternoon. My mind opened to a series of questions it never had.

I quit my job soon a couple of days after, things don’t ever go as you plan, what you think is a great plan fails like it was nothing, you get back to square one, and suddenly you are a no body, in a world full of humans only with labels attached to them. I always felt withdrawn from urban humans, this time, I didn’t want to see anyone’s face! So somehow carrying all that baggage on my back and my mind I decided to take off to Spiti, live minimal and let off every piece of security tying me, I felt like I had nothing to lose.

Got to Shimla on 14th morning and got onto a bus to Rekong Peo, yes, Highway was shot here, my body started giving up after 6 hours and I still had 7 more hours to go before I got to Kalpa, and landslides on the way making the traffic worse. I prayed to god, please help! and out of nowhere I strike a conversation with a 25-year-old local boy from Kalpa, and again out of nowhere he bumps into a friend who had a vacant top model Innova going to Kalpa, without thinking how safe it is I just got off the bus and got into the Innova with two ‘unknown’ men and was driven to Kalpa accompanied with a great meal and a peaceful nap. The evening passed having some local rum with these guys knowing each other, I felt great! Thats what mountains always did to me!

IMG_7524 (2)


The whole of next day I spent roaming around Kalpa, met some young travelers also traveling to Spiti, spend some great time with them. All this while my lost friend was on my mind, I decided to pray for her. I felt like while I was alone, she was my guardian angel protecting me. I was looking for answers, all the time.


On the morning of 16th August I flagged of my journey to Spiti on a local HRTC bus. A little while later I see a really tall and white girl alone, like me. At the breakfast stop we just get drawn towards each other, we speak to each other about our plans and that’s it, we are together now! we were not solo anymore! We get off at Tabo, go to the monastery, pray, climb up the mountain, at perfect peace with each other. How often do you come across souls you hit it off so well with? Keep them! Always! And suddenly I find my mind blank, no thoughts, no despair, no anxiety, no stress, nothing, just peace. We again drink the local rum in the evening and make merry.




Next day we leave for Dhankar, and I get sick! the dust and the hitch hiking gets to me real bad, but in-spite of that I felt so present in the moment, so alive, so there, the feeling was priceless, I decided to pop in a medicine and get some sleep, but I did wake up before the sunset and felt like this is it! This is where I want to live for the rest of my life!



Woke up to sunrise next morning, magic was an understatement, went to the Dhankar old monastery, said prayers to world peace, had aloo paranthas and took of for our next destination, Kaza. We hiked down from Dhankar to the Spiti road, found a Bolero Camper to take us on its back, Oksana loves these bumpy filmy rides, and I just enjoyed watching her going crazy.



Kaza was much disappointing, some festival going on there made it way to crowded for me to deal with. Found a place to stay and then we just wanted to get out of there, neither me nor Oksana could take so many humans, we both had similar feelings when it came to humans in general. Getting fried in the heat and dust with my nose flowing and throat gone for a toss, we walked up and down Kaza in that crowd to figure things out, but nothing was working out as such. Then I hear a driver telling a shopkeeper he is going to Komic and Langza. Thats it! He was my “hukkum ka ikka”, speaking to him I found he is driving a back up vehicle for 3 couples who were riding through Spiti on Enfields, hence the backup vehicle was obviously empty! and thats how we saw Langza and Komic 🙂




It was time for Oksana to head back and I was on my own again, didn’t like the feeling of her going but I told myself, this is life! I was extremely unwell by now, my body demanded rest, So I decided to take complete rest at Kaza for two days. When you travel alone you meet all sorts of people, good, bad and ugly. My homestay owner took it light, thinking I was alone, started troubling me in ways I couldn’t deal with, and through the day it became bad to worse, that I finally lost my temper. I didn’t get a rest for two days but one day was good enough, and I had decided no matter what I am not staying here, my adrenaline rush started to peep in at the same time, and suddenly I felt a gush of energy in my mind with faith to take the leap.


Left the next day on the first ray of the Sun, towards Chandratal! and this very guy who was troubling me had told me of a hike from Kunzumla to Chandratal, thats when I told myself, we need to tell ourselves to look at the good of every situation. The HRTC bus gets a flat tire 4 Kms before Kunzumla and my hike becomes 14 kms from 10 kms with a 14 kg rucksack on my back, but nevertheless, I just wanted to hike, Hiking and solo hiking is my most favorite feeling. I start my hike and the moment I go off-road passing a bunch of bullet riders in glory, I asked myself what is the difference between me and them? The difference was I had given up the fear of insecurity, I was on my own, I was not afraid anymore and whatever I was doing, I was doing it to myself and for myself. I was really happy and I was fearless. As I climbed up after a couple of hours I had the Chandrabagha peak on my face. This! this was the feeling I craved almost all the time. I told myself, if I need help I shall find it. Gunjan was not in this world anymore, but that one thing that she taught me was to live your life queen size, live with no fear, no regrets and no rules, and that echoed in my mind all the time. 



And then, I realised I lost the trail! I went up the wrong way and landed up nowhere. Descend has always been my weak point, most climbers die while descend. I just told myself to calm down. After a while I see someone at a distance, I start waving both my arms frantically, it was a shepherd, ‘thank god’ I told myself! He helped my find way and got me to his shepherd home, served me hot tea and took care of me. He asked me if I had a place to stay at the camp, I said no! He said he shall sort that out for me too.


I find a place at the camp, the camp owner and his friends take care of me like a princess, I look at the night sky as I sip on to Old Monk and tell myself “Lost trails are beautiful”, I met some of the most beautiful souls only because I lost my way!



It was time to head back, but I knew I would be back soon, I start looking for a lift to Manali so desperately with not many to willingly help, and in despair of not finding one, I come across an angel, who offers me a lift with three of her friends, a little 25 year girl from the US, traveling alone across India almost at the end of her solo Journey, Lindsey was more enlightened that people who are 60! and here I find another soul mate. What more could I have asked for? We spend great time in Manali and I send her off to Malana while I head back to Delhi, only to come back again. 

I spent nothing, only because I trusted, I loved and I gave all I had and took nothing. wrong people happen, all the time, sometimes your closest friends and family treat you wrong, how could you expect strangers to be good, but remember the right ones, the world is full of people who show you light, tell you who you are, only give. Let go of security, be a true adventurer, because less is always more. Be a giver and you shall receive in ten folds.

I shall soon publish a series of quotes I wrote through my journey, and this is not the end yet! Oh and also, I met the most beautiful dogs through my journey, sometimes they are the right people you meet 🙂  


Hope you enjoyed the story!


Be an ECO Traveler, start here from 6 easy steps!

November 26, 2015


Traveling is a single word to which one’s thoughts would be infinite and never enough to sum up. We do what we love and traveling is one of them, so why not display true love by taking some very basics steps to  preserve the destination we travel to and capture it forever in our hearts. We often complain going to various places about cleanliness but what are we doing about it? These steps might seem tough and impractical to many, one can begin with small steps. Here is how you can begin being an EcoTraveler.

1. Carry your own water bottle:

Wherever you go, if you are taking a roadtrip, backpacking or traveling with family or you are in your favorite outdoors, carrying your own water bottle helps you on hygiene, instead of buying pet plastic water bottles and disposing them there, fill water from restaurants, eateries or the best is to fill your drinking water from a clean natural resource, even if you have to but plastic water bottles, ensure you dispose them in the right bins.

2. Eat Fresh or carry your own food:

While you flag of carry your own lunch box with dry food items, as you travel, consumer freshly cooked food instead of buying packet-ed processed food like chips, snackers which would produce more plastic waste. Enjoying local cuisines is a better idea always !

3. Travel local:

The idea of driving in your own vehicle is fun and comforting, however you are unknowingly a reason to the traffic while complaining about it, by traveling through locally operated transport and locally run taxis you are supporting the local economy and this is also an alternatives for the comfort loving ones.

4. Keep the music low:

We all have our favorite play list to play while we travel, listening to low music and close spaces is a good idea. If you are an outdoor person plug in your head phones, playing loud music outdoors disturbs the atmosphere and animals as that could be their habitat. When we travel into wilderness, it is our responsibility to ensure we do not disturb the habitat of animals.

5. Dispose zero Non- Biodegradable waste:

Whatever we dispose that can easily decompose is not as harmful, plastic, cans etc should be avoided to be disposed. create a small bin in your bag or car and ensure proper waste disposal.

6. Recycle Plastic:

Plastic is a blessing if recycled, curse if disposed. Existing plastic can be used to several practical usage, I always carry my closed in a plastic bag before I put them in my rucksack, I also keep extra plastic to wrap dirty or wet clothes or carry things not be disposed in open outdoors.

There are many more ways, I hope this read gives you a food for thought to come up with many such solutions and become an ECO- Traveler!